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Singapore Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies Best

Singapore Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies Best


TARO DELIGHTS was founded slightly after Chinese New Year 2021, where I had the blessings to enjoy some heavenly orhnee, an authentic Teochew dessert dish I long thought to be reserved for Chinese wedding banquets with a budget. Oh how I missed orhnee! How I longed to have it whenever I liked, instead of praying someone rich gets hitched. 

And so I took matters into my own hands, and TARO DELIGHTS was born.

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Mini Orhnee Tubs


Yina Goh

I steamed the orhnee tubs for 10-15mins and the texture is perfect! Soft and creamy 🤤 I really liked the ginkgo one, and little creamer tubs are provided so you can add it for a bit more milky sweetness if you prefer.


The yam paste was mashed to an extremely fine and velvety texture that’s both smooth and rich, yet not cloying. Even after a heavy meal, spoonfuls of this dessert never feel overwhelming!


The orhnee is very nice, added the creamer on top and it's so good really! Slides into my mouth and the sweetness is just nice, not overly sweet like those hotel ones eat until sian. Highly recommended especially for orhnee lovers!


Authentic Teochew dessert made from 100% pure yam paste. No additives / preservatives.


We only use vegetable oil in the preparation of our orhnee dessert. No shallot oil, no lard, no animal byproduct, all love.

Healthier Option

Reduced sugar makes this dessert friendly for all ages to enjoy, young or old. So get some for your ahma too!


Our Mini Orhnee Tubs were designed for easy reheating, to bring you the dessert in the convenience of your own home.

Esther Chin

Alicia Ho

Mini orhnee tub original taro


Mini Orhnee Tub

Single-serving authentic orhnee topped with 24k edible gold flakes. This option excludes Ginkgo nuts.



Mini orhnee tub ginkgo nuts


Mini Orhnee Tub

Single-serving authentic orhnee studded with delectable ginkgo nuts. Topped with 24k edible gold flakes. 



It's not all just pretty pictures and fancy marketing. At Taro Delights, we like to keep things fun and fresh! Follow us on our Instagram for flash sales, exclusive promo-codes, giveaways, and more!

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