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Duo Delights Tartlets

Duo Delights Tartlets

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Tart

Luscious layer of salted caramel hidden beneath a bed of decadent dark chocolate ganache. Encased in a 8cm chocolate tartlet and topped with an extra scatter of premium Maldon Sea Salt. Crowned with a single 24karat gold leaf.


Cookie Butter Biscoff Tart

A Speculoos lovers' dream – rich, flavourful cookie butter of the best quality, encased in a 8cm vanilla tartlet. Garnished with a mini mountain of crushed Lotus biscoff for the perfect mouth-feel. Need I say any more?


Each Duo Delights Tartlet set comes with 2 tarts, 1pc of each flavour.

Please keep refridgerated, defrost 5mins before serving.

Best consumed in 3 days.

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