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Welcome to the world of freshly baked goods!

Our bakery offers a mouth-watering selection of cookies, tarts, cakes, and more, all made with love and the finest ingredients. There is something for every taste bud! Each product is carefully crafted, ensuring a delicious and satisfying experience in every bite. Browse our offerings and order online today, and taste the difference that passion and quality make.


“Cookie Crumbles' Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies are bite-sized, not too sweet, and perfect for sharing. But that sure isn't stopping me from finishing a whole bottle in one sitting!”

— Dawn Toh

06_05_2021, 5_38_30 PM.jpeg

“The Sea Salt Chocolate Brownies took me by surprise!!! Fell in love from the first bite – the brownie's top was crackling and it was soft inside. Absolutely love the sea salt bits!”

— Yun Jia Tan

Crunchy Cookies

Tarts & Levain Cookies

Brownies, Cakes & more

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