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Crumbly Beginnings - ‘From Honey Cornflakes to Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies’

Hello again, dear reader! The weekend is here and I thought I'd spend some time writing about our crumbly beginnings. Let's take us back to pandemic days *cough cough*. Remember those Circuit Breaker days, where all of our tiny Singapore was in lock down and everyone had nowhere to go? We were all cooped up in our homes, bored out of our minds, weren't we? With nothing to do, I decided to step into the kitchen for the first time ever. Mind you, I haven't as much as cracked an egg before this point HAHA!

The first cookie I ever made was actually Honey Cornflakes. I had found a simple recipe online, which required only 3 ingredients – Butter, Sugar, and Cornflakes. It was simple to do and supposedly hard to get wrong. Here's the link if anyone wants to give it a go!

Honey Cornflakes:

Remember how I said it was a simple recipe? Trust me it is, but me to have a funny af back story that comes with it. So the last time I tried baking these was actually quite a couple years back, in my poly days. To say I failed disastrously would be a quite understatement. Despite not having any previous experience working with sugar and high temperatures, I decided to heat my sugar directly on the stove top, without adding the butter. Needless to say, I had the heat on at the maximum and it quickly started burning at the base of the pot.

I panicked at the quickly blackening (and smoking!) pot base and thought to myself “Omg my mom’s going to kill me, she loves this pot!" My first reaction was to take the pot off the stove, put it in the sink, and turn on the tap to wash away the sugar before it hardens. Heh, you can see how inexperienced in the kitchen I was. Well, for those of you who couldn't already anticipate it, that caused a mini explosion. When the cold water came into contact with the extremely hot sugar, the sugar solution exploded upwards and fiery hot sugar splattered everywhere. It was all over my arms and the kitchen surfaces. I ended up with 2nd degree burns. My kitchen was a mess. There was actually a cloud of smoke, and the place smelt burnt. The most damaged? Probably my pride. I recall calling up a good friend of mine in tears, and she rushed over to my rescue. She cleaned up the kitchen, we had a good laugh, and she whipped up a proper batch of Honey Cornflakes as we ate my sorrows away.

I never baked again after that, for a good 7 years, until Covid hit and my boredom overtook my shame. I was determined to try baking this recipe again. Thankfully, I found success this time, and with a happy tummy and renewed confidence, it gave me the courage to try out new menus. I decided to try my hand at baking Chocolate Chip Cookies. Again I looked around online, seeking out simple recipes. But this time, it didn't fill me with as much joy. I kept feeling as if the cookies were...missing something.

I experimented again and again with different recipes, tweaking certain ratios and trying again. No, something's still off.. Try again. Nah, this one's too sweet – try again. Amidst all the Instagram stories I posted of my cookies, I started to get friends DM-ing me, asking to buy them. At first I was very hesitant, I felt the cookies weren't ready for sale just yet. Again and again I whipped up batch after batch of cookies, again and again I failed. Until one day, I found that perfect balance.

I have always believed that if I don't personally love the product, I have no business attempting to sell it. And so I only launched my Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies when I was confident with my recipe. Thankfully, the hours of baking and experimenting paid off generously, and our friends and new-found customers loved it too! Our Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, it remains one of our best sellers to this day, have you tried it?

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Goodbye for now, until next time~ Keep munching, friends.


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